Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Whatcha Up To?

Hi everyone!  I was just wondering what you are up to.  Hmmmmmm?

 I tagged along last Thursday and Bill and I had lunch with our good Brad. Aw!  I love his face.  We're ALL going to be together for Thanksgiving.  I'm so thankful!  All of the grands and all of us!  21 peeps!  We're eating at Jenny's so no turkey roasting for Granny this year! 
 The next day these two and I had a coffee break at a bakery.

On Saturday Bill took Superman to the park!  Isn't he growing up?  Noah stayed at our house and snooooooooozed.
Here's the cozy little napper.  I really must peel off that old wallpaper border and maybe figure out a better storage solution for all the knitting projects. 
 November has NOT been gray!  It's been red and orange and downright glowing!  Yay!

 Before I start sewing "outfits" I wanted to make a pillow for our bed.  I am not very practiced at piecing/quilting but it turned out okay!

 After I made the bed and arranged the new pillow I had to lie on the bed for a minute.  Tim joined me. 

 Lizzy wanted to fix things when she visited today. 
 I finished a shawl!  I didn't follow the pattern because it had a big leaf/lace section that seemed overly fussy to me.  I was getting bored so I added in some colors which may have been a mistake.  I like it anyway and I also made a few boo boos like forgetting to increase on the wrong side for quite a long ways.  It's forgiving and it's soft so I'm happy!
 I ordered some new clogs from the discount house and they are sort of "fairy princess-ish" aren't they?  
 These cutie pies are on a cruise out of Florida.  I miss them and I'm glad they'll be back soon. Isn't Miss Bug making a funny face?

Here's a nature journal page from Granny Marigold
Here's an autumn post from MK
Here is a lovely page of painting from Gumbo Lily
Marcie took a trip out to California so she is catching up.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is so soon.  I shall bake pretty pies and also make that Nila wafer/banana dessert for the first time ever!
It's getting dusky outside so I'm off for a short walk.
Thank you for stopping in!