Saturday, March 17, 2018


I finished the purple cotton tank top last week!  Woo hoo!  Sorry for the awkward photo with Tim sneaking in.  
He's everywhere!

 Miss Bug says that these cuties are my "great" grandchildren.  Lol!  
 I bought some mini-dafs at Home Depot.  They were on clearance and they are weary now but the day I took this picture they were glorious! 
 My mom and I were talking about talking and she said that she thinks of things she wants to talk about with her friends (interesting topics) but they don't seem to end up talking about any of the things she had been thinking about.  Sometimes I think I let other people do all the talking because I'm nervous or maybe feeling shy, but I think if we are asked the right questions, we are more likely to share.  Anywho, when my friend pulled out this set of cards that she discovered when she was working with special needs kids (a colleague would always use them to draw the kids out of their shells) I had to take photos of them. As simple as they seem, I think asking questions like this could really deepen our relationships and cause our peeps to feel believed in.  What do you think?

 That day I had worn one of my Raggedy Ann homemade outfits and I came home very cold, so I changed into this wool sweater.  I used to think wool was so scratchy and irritating, but lately wool makes me feel snug.  
 I'm trying to win some fancy needles from Knitter's Pride, so I entered this photo of Tim helping with my Norwegian mittens. I hope we win.  
 James got some Mario slippers.
 Jeff and Christie gave us some new knives!  We needed them.  I don't know why I have always used my old "make do" knives.  These knives are sharp. 
 Yesterday Kelli and Bryan got trapped in Colorado Springs due to a rear-ender (Oh no!  Their new Honda!) so I went to pick up the girls from their Friday school.  They were happy to see me and we zipped through a drive thru so they could have milkshakes.  Millie said she had already eaten QUITE a bit of chocolate during the school day!  LOL!

This morning as Noah was napping in my arms, Tim hung around trying to send messages like, "That's MY lap!" and "I like it when the little humans leave!"  He likes them at a safe distance, but he IS the prince of the house after all.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Brad is bagpiping all day.  We are eating Chinese food for dinner.  I really should have thought ahead and made stew.  I am staying away from Irish soda bread.  I love it way too much.
At Weight Watchers I lose about a pound a week.  It's slow going for this granny, but that's okay.  I am not starving by any means.
Thank you for popping in. God be with you, friend.